The Southeast Asian Squash Federation (SEASF) recently concluded its highly anticipated 2023 elections, unveiling a dynamic team of office-bearers who are poised to take squash to new heights in the region over the next two years. In an uncontested victory, Mr. Robert Bachmann of the Philippines has been reelected as President, setting the stage for an exciting chapter in the history of squash in Southeast Asia.

Bachmann's Uncontested Victory

The reelection of Robert Bachmann for a second term as President, uncontested, is a testament to the trust and confidence SEASF members have in his leadership. Bachmann's dedication and passion for the sport of squash have been the driving force behind his reelection, and this resounding endorsement signifies that he will continue to steer the ship, ensuring the growth and success of squash in Southeast Asia.

During his first term as President, Robert Bachmann played a pivotal role in advancing the sport across the region, promoting initiatives to encourage greater participation and development. His vision, commitment, and extensive experience make him the ideal leader to guide the federation in its mission to further establish squash as a prominent sport in Southeast Asia.

Reelected and Newly Elected Vice Presidents

The SEASF office bearers for 2023-2025 also feature a strong line-up of Vice Presidents. Two VPs who have been reelected are Brigitta Kijono of Indonesia and Akarin Hiranprueck of Thailand. Their unwavering dedication to promoting squash in the region and their invaluable contributions have been duly recognized and rewarded with their reelection. This continuity ensures that SEASF will continue to benefit from their expertise and commitment.

Adding fresh perspectives and energy to the leadership team, SEASF welcomes two new Vice Presidents to the Management Committee (ManCom): Jang Adnan of Malaysia and Tan Ming Jen of Singapore. Elected during the recent AGM, these new faces bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the organization, promising a fresh impetus to the sport of squash in Southeast Asia.

Squash in the LA Olympic Games 2028

In an exciting development announced last October 16, 2023, squash has been officially included in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 2028. This momentous decision presents a world of opportunities for squash in Southeast Asia, as it offers the sport the global recognition it deserves and an unprecedented platform to showcase its excellence. SEASF is immensely thankful and thrilled about this development. It is a historic moment that promises to inspire a new generation of athletes, attract new followers to the sport, and elevate squash to even greater heights.

As we eagerly look forward to this new chapter in the history of squash, SEASF is committed to leveraging this remarkable opportunity to further promote and develop squash in Southeast Asia. The LA Olympic Games 2028 will provide the stage for our region's squash players to shine on the world's most prestigious sporting platform.

With President Robert Bachmann's uncontested victory and a dedicated and diverse team of office-bearers, the future of squash in Southeast Asia appears brighter than ever. As we embark on this exciting journey, we are confident that SEASF is well-equipped to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, securing the growth and success of squash in the region.

In conclusion, the SEASF elections of 2023, combined with squash's inclusion in the LA Olympic Games 2028, have set the stage for an extraordinary period in the history of the sport. With the unwavering dedication of its leadership and the promise of Olympic glory, squash in Southeast Asia is poised for a thrilling and prosperous era.

*Photo grabbed from Thailand Squash Rackets Association Facebook page