SEASF is a voluntary sub-regional grouping of national squash associations or bodies from the Southeast Asian countries as encompass in the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN). The authority, legality and power of SEASF derives from the agreement by the founding members of SEASF and its future members to the formation of and continuing to maintain SEASF as the legitimate body on the framework as reflected in this Constitution. All national squash associations or bodies within ASEAN are to recognize the authority of SEASF to govern matters concerning squash at this sub-regional level.


The Association shall be known as Southeast Asian Squash Federation (SEASF)


The emblem of the Association shall be as follow:


To promote and popularize squash in at least 8 Southeast Asian countries by 2018.


i. To promote the inclusion of squash in the SEA Games and National Games in Southeast Asian nations

ii. To initiate annual team and individual championships at various levels (masters, seniors, and juniors)

iii. To increase the competence of coaches and referees in Member nations

iv. To encourage exchange programmes between countries for players and officials


There shall be two categories of membership.

i. Ordinary Member

This category will comprise all nations within ASEAN with registered National Squash Federations which are recognized by their respective National Olympic Councils as the sole authority for the administration of the sports within their national boundaries. Member nations are entitled to full voting rights.

ii.  Associate Member

This category of membership is applicable to organizations in countries where there is no National Squash Federation recognized by their NOC. An Associate Member must be an organization that works towards promoting and developing squash in that country. An Associate Member will have no voting rights but will be entitled to attend SEASF annual meetings and participate in SEASF activities.


The Association shall be managed by a Management Committee and an Executive Committee

i. Management Committee (ManCom)

The Management Committee (ManCom) shall be responsible for the setting and reviewing of the policies of the Association as directed by the members. The ManCom shall consist of the following:

President - Elected once every two years

Four Vice Presidents - Elected once every two years

Secretary General - Appointed by President

Honorary Treasurer - Appointed by President

ii. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (Exco) shall be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Association. The Exco shall consist  of the President, the Secretary-General, and the Honorary Treasurer.

In the event of a vacancy for the position of President, the ManCom will decide who among the 4 Vice Presidents shall take over the vacant post. The new President may choose to retain or replace the Secretary-General and the Honorary Treasurer.


The Association shall have the following powers:

i. To formulate and adopt such Rules and Regulations that are necessary or desirable to achieve the objectives of the Association;

ii. To organize sub-regional championships;

iii. To determine from time to time the annual membership subscription;

iv. To elect or nominate suitable qualified persons to carry out the day-to-day affairs of the Association


The Headquarters of the Association and the Secretariat shall be located in the country of residence of the President. The President shall establish the Association’s Secretariat for the management and administration of the affairs of SEASF.


i. The supreme authority of the Association is vested with the General meeting of the members, which shall be held annually in conjunction with a Southeast Asia Championship, or in any other country that has been agreed upon by the ManCom.

ii. All members who have paid their annual fee are entitled to nominate one delegate to attend any general meeting of the Association. Such a delegate must be resident in the country he is representing and must be closely connected with the squash of that country.

iii. The Secretary-General shall not later than thirty days before the date set for the General meeting distribute the Agenda for the meeting along with such resolution or nomination.

iv. A minimum of three member countries present shall form the quorum for a general meeting or an extraordinary general meeting.

v. The Agenda for the General Meeting shall contain the following:

1. Welcoming and Opening address by the President
2. Matters arising from the previous general meeting
3. Secretary-General Report
4. Financial Report
5. Motions received (if any)
6. Election of Officers

vi. The minutes of the General Meeting shall be circulated to all members not later than two months after the meeting and any amendment shall be forwarded to the Secretary-General within fourteen days; otherwise the minutes shall be deemed to be confirmed.

vii. At any time during the period in between general meetings, the President, upon request from the majority of the members, may convene an Extraordinary General Meeting for the specific purpose put forth by these members.


The official language shall be English. Members shall submit a copy of their Constitution in English to the Association Secretariat.


i. The Association shall not be dissolved except at a General Meeting at which a motion for dissolution shall have been moved in accordance with the Constitution and the motion receiving at least three-quarters of the votes of total members present and eligible to vote.

ii. If upon the dissolution of the Association, there remains after the settlement of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall either be divided between members proportionally or transferred to another body with objectives similar to the Association. A resolution to divide or transfer such property shall be included in the motion for dissolution and shall be based on a majority decision of those members present to vote.

Constitution incorporating amendments
passed by SEASF AGM on 14 March 2015 in Singapore