The SEASF Coaching Committee is in its early stages but members of the SEASF have been involved in the promotion and development of squash in their respective countries for a very long time. Our committee aspires to increase the number of accredited coaches in all SEASF member nations and hope that this will help elevate the standard of squash. We will continuously keep members updated on the state of the art coaching concepts and ideas. It is also our hope that all future SEA Cup host will allocate a day or two for us to conduct a coaching conference or even a gathering of coaches to exchange ideas. Finally we assure member nations that the coaching committee will be available and ever willing to provide coaching related expertise when required. Together we can raise the quality of coach education and therefore the standard of squash in our region.

We anticipate a fruitful coaching development in Southeast Asia under the strong leadership of Chairman Ret. Maj. Subramaniam Singaraveloo and the SEASF Coaching Committee.

For any coaching-related inquiries please do not hesitate to contact the SEASF Office via