SEASF President, Mr. Robert Bachmann, proposed at the Extended Management Committee Meeting, on 13 February 2022, for the Championship Committee to look into having a junior ranking of players in SEA countries.

The Championship Committee held several discussions via WhatsApp Chat group and WhatsApp Group Video Calls. Initially the Championship Committee worked on the premise that the ranking would be based solely on Junior Open Championships (JOC) in SEA countries. However, due to the limited number of JOCs currently in our sub-region, it became apparent that this ranking would not be a true reflection of the players' standing. We would need six JOCs in SEA countries to give validity to our Junior Ranking. To reach this number, we need Member National Federations to have one or more JOC event(s) on their annual calendar.

In the interim we would still start having ‘SEA Junior Ranking’ but based on the ASF ranking of players.

The guidelines for the ‘SEA Junior Ranking’ for the next couple of years are as follows,

1. The Rules and Regulations governing ASF Junior Ranking would apply to SEA Junior Ranking.

2. We too would have five (5) categories of ranking for boys and girls - Under-19, Under-17, Under-15, Under-13 and Under-11.

3. The ‘SEA Junior Individual Championships’ would carry GOLD status. The points gained by players at this event can go towards the top four (4) events in determining the SEA Junior Ranking.

4. SEA Junior Ranking is targeted to start in mid-2022 and can be accessed at our website,