In order to ensure that SEASF contributes to the development of referees at the Introductory, National, Regional, and World standards, the SEASF Referees Committee will continue to support the development of referees in Southeast Asia through a comprehensive program of referees clinics conducted at the appropriate levels of competence and carrying out assessment exercises in conjunction with major championships.

 Any National Squash Association/Federation interested in planning events in accordance with the WSF CBTA (Competency-Based Training & Assessment) framework and development plan for referees in their respective nations is welcome to get targeted support and help from us.

We anticipate a fruitful referees development program in Asia with a capable team of regional members in the Referees Committee, headed by Mr. Mohd Abdullah Arrffan.

For any inquiries relating to the development of referees, please do not hesitate to contact the SEASF Office via